Mural and front of building at Arrowhead Gallery and Sudios in Old Fort NC Mural and front of building at Arrowhead Gallery and Sudios in Old Fort NC

Classes and Workshops

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

PLEASE NOTE: Please all, stay safe and creative during this time of uncertainty! We will post any updates to classes here, so please check back!

Arrowhead Gallery, 78C S Catawba Ave, Old Fort.  To register for Classes and Workshops call  (828) 686-1100.

Registration fees listed are for members . Non-Members add $10.

We value your opinion! If you don't see a class you'd like to take, please let us know.  If three or more people are interested we may be able to do a private class, or repeat one of the classes below at a different time.  Please let us know what you want to learn!

Mug It Up - Glaze Your Own Mug

Start - Apr 9th, 2019 , Finish - Dec 23rd, 2020

This workshop is available whenever 3 or more people are interested in glazing their own mugs or other bisque ware items.  
You pick your item(s) and your glaze(s).  You do the glazing.  We do the firing.  We call you when your items are ready for pick up.  These make great family projects and gift items.  Each one is uniquely yours!
Cost:  $15 for one item; $25 for two items.  This includes all glazes and firing, as well as your classroom time.
Instructor:  Helen Sullivan
Open to adults and teens.  Children 7-12 must be accompanied by an adult.
Contact  the Gallery at (828) 668-1100 to schedule.

Children’s Clay Class

Start - Mar 5th, 2020 , Finish - Dec 31st, 2020

Cost $110.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $120.00

Classes with Maylin Travers.

$120/month - Cost is for one student for 4 classes. Gallery members $110/month. Includes all materials.  Take $20 off for each additional student. Children 7 and up.  Maximum of 6 students.

Maylin taught art to students in grades K-6th for 13 years. She also ran the young artists camp in Plantation FL at American Heritage School for 5 years. She is a painter and hand building potter. Have fun getting your hands into clay to create your own ceramic masterpieces.

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Clay Classes with Mathilda

Start - Jun 3rd, 2020 , Finish - Dec 29th, 2020

Cost $115.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $125.00

Instructor:  Mathilda Potter. 

When:  1-3 PM Wednesdays.
Cost:  $115 for 4 classes for A3L members; $125 for nonmembers.  Classes need not be consecutive.  

Includes all materials, clay, glazes, firing and more.  Hand building and throwing on a wheel.  Mathilda is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor.   Students may use the clay studios in between classes.  Learn techniques and skills while creating bowels, planters, vases and more.  Great to give as gifts or use in your own home.  

Come play with clay, and create your own functional and fun art today with materials as ancient as the Earth! Learn hand building, wheel throwing, sculpture and decorating techniques. We supply everything you'll need to make a new family heirloom, all levels are welcome including beginners. Your finished, fired pottery will be just as functional and useful as store bought dishes, but much more special!
Mathilda is extremely knowledgeable with many years of creating. She makes learning in this class fun with her unique teaching abilities. Student may choose to learn hand building and or  throwing on the wheel. 

with Mathilda

For those who cannot attend Wednesdays classes Mathilda is now offering this option! 
Call her at 828 775-7786 to coordinate a time with her.

1 Adult, 2 hours for $60. Up to 3 additional people for $15 each. 1 child 7 & up with an adult $70. Add up to 3 more people for $15 each. No more than six total.

Includes all clay, glazes, firings and instructions! Also students may use the studio between classes when available.

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Art Class with Lorelle Bacon

Start - Jul 7th, 2020 , Finish - Dec 9th, 2020

Cost $35.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $45.00

On-going Art Classes with Lorelle Bacon.  

Re-Start date- to be determined.
The first two Tuesdays of each month 9:30-11:300 AM.  Members price 2 classes for $35, or non members for $45.  Classes do not need to be taken consecutively.

All levels from beginners to advanced. 

Take your art to a new level with the gentle guidance of Lorelle who is known for her patience! Students work at their own pace. She teaches all subjects and most mediums (oils, acrylics, watercolor,pastels, drawing, pen and ink, scratch-board, colored pencils, alcohol inks.)

Beginners learn the basics and how to apply them to the medium of their choice. Learn the importance of values, how composition can make or break your painting and much more. Your choice of medium and subjects!

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Sunday Painters

Start - Aug 9th, 2020 , Finish - Dec 8th, 2020


Sunday Painters meets the second Sunday afternoon of each month, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.  This is not a "class" per se.  It is a free and fun way for folks to try new mediums and subjects.  

A3L provides all materials free of charge for your first two sessions.  We have a different project and medium that we work on each month.  Sunday Painters is always free and always open to the public, but we ask that after your first two sessions you join A3L, and if you can,  that you bring your own materials.  

We only take 8 people, so call 828-668-1100 sign up early.  You must be registered by the Wednesday beforehand.

Fused Dichroic Glass Pendants

Start - Aug 13th, 2020 , Finish - Aug 13th, 2020

Cost $30.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $40.00

Fused Dichroic Glass Pendants 

with Diane Enger 

Thursday, August 13, 1-3:30.  

Cost $30 members, $40 nonmembers; plus $10 materials fee (includes assorted glass, 4 glue on bails, firing). Minimum of 3 students, maximum of 6 students for social distancing.  In this class we will be making a variety of glass pendants approx.. 1” x 1¼”, and casting four pieces of glass that can be used as small pendants or buttons. You will learn about dichroic glass and its properties a sit is the most popular glass used in fused glass jewelry.

This class is for beginners. It will give the students an overview of the glass fusing process and an understanding of what is involved.Glass cutting will be taught and students will have a chance to practice their skills. Students will have the opportunity to work with different glass combinations on a small scale and gain experience in ways to combine glass.

Tables and materials will be arranged for social distancing andmasks are required

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Beginning Stained Glass - Foil Method

Start - Aug 17th, 2020 , Finish - Aug 31st, 2020

Cost $95.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $105.00

Beginning Stained Glass - FoilMethod Quilt Square with Catherine Bruggeman Three Mondays – Noon – 3 pm, August 17th, 24th, and 31th.  Cost $95 Members, $105 Nonmembers (+ $40.00 supply fee).  Minimum - 5 students ….. Max - 8 students (If phase 3). Students will get a brief overview of the history, design,methods and techniques used in designing and creating stained glass windows.Students will complete a 12x12 inch quilt block pattern and use their choice ofcolor pallet incorporated with single clear glue chip. Students learn by handson instruction! Using a prepared pattern, students are instructed on a step bystep approach on; “cutting” (scoring) glass, foiling, staging and solderingtheir panel. Finally, cleaning, finishing, framing (with zinc or lead) anddisplaying the panel. I hope you come to love and enjoy working in glass as much as I do! (BAND AIDES PROVIDED! :-) 

Masks required.

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Basics of Wire Wrapping Fine Jewelry

Start - Aug 22nd, 2020 , Finish - Aug 22nd, 2020

Cost $75.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $85.00


Instructor Lorelle Bacon. 

August 22nd 10 to 4. 

Cost $75 Members $85 non-members; plus a supply fee of $20.  

It is amazing to me still, that with just a handful of simpletools and a roll of wire, what fantastic jewelry can be made!!.This is a fun workshop where students will learn the important basics of wire wrapping, how to know what wire you need, best places to get supplies and the simple tools it takes. We will create a couple of bracelets first by using copper and then silver wire. We will also make a pair of earrings in which students will also learn how to create their own ear wires!  You will have handouts and will be confident enough then tocreate more for gifts or yourself! After my 1st class like this, I was hooked and made 13 bracelets to use as gifts for family! Bring a sack lunch and enjoy a day of creativity! Safety measures will be followed.The classroom is large enough for each student to have their own table 6 feet apart!

Masks required.

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Wrap and Weave it Pendant Wire Weaving

Start - Sep 12th, 2020 , Finish - Sep 12th, 2020

Cost $50.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $60.00

Wrap and Weave it Pendant Wire Weaving with Diane Enger.  

Saturday, September 12, 10 –4.  Cost $50 members, $60 non-members; plus $18 materials fee (includes glass cabochon, assorted wire, copper beads and crystals as needed) I will supply tools and finishing suppliesas needed. If you have “favorite” pliers or cutters you like to use, bring them along.  In this class we will be using wire to bezel and attach a fused glass cabochon onto a wire frame. We will then learn a variety of wire weaving techniques to embellish and enhance the focal piece. End result will be a wearable piece of Art Jewelry.  This class works best for people who have some experience with wire. Knowledge of wire working tools and wire in general will result in agentle learning curve. It is relatively fast paced as there is a lot to be accomplished in class time. I will cover some of the basics of applying patina to copper and a variety of ways you can finish this focal piece into a wearable piece of artwork.  Minimum of 3 students, maximum of 6 students

Tables and materials will be arranged for social distancing andmasks are required. Bring a bag lunch and drinks if possible.

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Spirit Icons and Imaginary Creatures

Start - Sep 26th, 2020 , Finish - Sep 26th, 2020

Cost $25.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $35.00

“Spirit Icons and Imaginary Creatures”
with Liz Meyer*

September 26th,  1-4 pm
$25 members $30 non-members
Come join our rowdy group of high spirited creature creators as we explore new innovative ways of bringing to life our hidden “inner beings” as expressed through a myriad of found objects, object d’art, etc. birthing a totally personal sculpture. One of our previous participants took home an Award from the recent Arrowhead Student/Teacher exhibition! Come learn and PLAY in our happy new studio! Bring any items you wish to include. All other supplies will be provided in the fee. All levels welcome!

*Liz has conducted this workshop and has had many requests to repeat it.
She was a visual art teacher for over 20 years in the St. Petersburg, FL area and is pursuing studies in different media since retiring/relocating to Old Fort in 2017.

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