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Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Arrowhead Gallery, 78C S Catawba Ave, Old Fort.  To register for Classes and Workshops call  828 686-1100.

Registration fees listed are for members . Non-Members add $10.

If you don't see a class you'd like to take, please let us know.  If three or more people are interested we may be able to do a private class, or repeat one of the classes below at a different time.  Many of the classes you see now came about because people asked for them.  Don't be silent, let us know what you want to learn!

Beginners Flute Making

Start - 2018-12-08 , Finish - 2018-12-08

Cost $50.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $60.00


Instructor: Lee Entrekin

Class will be December 8th from noon until 4:00 p.m., or until everyone finishes a playable flute!

Registration $50 members or $60 non-members

Material fee will be $10.

This class will teach you how to make and tune a simple Native American flute from bamboo. We will discuss how a flute works, how to select and cure bamboo, and then how to make a flute and tune it.

The supply fee includes a suitable pre-cured section of bamboo for a small flute. Tools used will include: Saw for cutting bamboo, preferably very fine-toothed; Dremel tool with tapered stone bit or drill with variety of bits; Flat rasp and files; Sharp knife and preferably flat gouge; Round and flat needle files; Tuner; Fine sandpaper and/or steel wool

Please bring any of these you have. Extra tools will be available to share.

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Pay Online
(Non Members)

All Occasion Card Making

Start - 2018-12-01 , Finish - 2018-12-01

Cost $35.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $45.00

with Dawn Dreibus

December 1st from 1 to 4     Supply fee of $30 plus    $35 members or $45 non-members

Come join this fun workshop and create beautiful one of a kind cards using mono-printing techniques! NO art experience necessary… If you choose to you can then use your cards to print more to send or give to friends and family.    Dawn loves mono-printing and all the interesting effects that you can get, but even more, she loves to share her knowledge with others! Sign up early, this will be a popular workshop….

Pay Online
Pay Online
(Non Members)

Soul Collage Art

Start - 2018-11-17 , Finish - 2018-11-17


Instructors Lynn Pace

 Sat November 17th, 2018    10am to 4 pm (1 hr lunch)
 $50 members or $60 non-members plus materials fee of  $5.00

No Art Experience necessary

Soul Collage is an intuitive process of collage & self-discovery where one has the opportunity to gain access to their inner knowing as they create cards which have deep personal meaning.  Come join us for a delightful day of camaraderie & play as we learn about the deeply intuitive and meaningful process of Soul Collage. Through the world of images we will journey into our own personal interior landscapes, bringing forth the wisdom that lies within. Students will have the opportunity to make 3 to 4 pieces with time to explore the insights they bring.

Precious Metal Fine Silver Clay for Beginners

Start - 2018-11-10 , Finish - 2018-11-10

Cost $100.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $110.00




Instructor Cathy Greene

November 10th (Saturday) from 10 to 4

$100 members or $110 non-members

Plus $40 supply fee

Supplies includes enough silver clay to create 2 pair of earrings and a pendant!  Participants will explore and learn basics including texturing, rolling, shaping, cutting, forming and firing.  NOTE: Those who have been before may come all day for $70 and bring own supplies.

You will be able to wear your jewelry home!

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Pay Online
(Non Members)

Beginning wire wrapping

Start - 2018-11-03 , Finish - 2018-11-03

Cost $50.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $60.00


Instructor Nadine Fidelman

November 3 (Saturday) 10 – 4

$50 members or $60 non-members

plus $5 for materials

Learn to make your own professional-looking jewelry.  Experience the art of wire-wrapping while creating a copper bangle bracelet with clasp

Lots of one on one attention as you learn. You will be able to make more on your own after this class!

No experience is necessary, but good eyesight, a close-work magnifier or glasses if necessary.  

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Pay Online
(Non Members)

Anita's Inky Cloth Workshop

Start - 2018-10-27 , Finish - 2018-10-27

Cost $65.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $75.00

Instructor Anita Stewart      

Date: Sat Oct 27, 10 -2 pm. (bring your lunch)
$65 members or $75 non-members; plus $5 supply fee

*Do you want to make creative art and use stronger contrast?

*Want to make successful designs quickly that looks like you’ve worked hours ?

*Want to stretch your creative thinking?

All of these will take place in this workshop! Anita will walk you through each intriguing step. You will be delighted with how easily your whimsical shapes are "born" on canvas and gessoed water color paper..
Take home"tools" that you can use to create more eye catching artwork.
Your award winning teacher, Anita Stewart, has taught art for over 30 years in the Atlanta area.

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Pay Online
(Non Members)

Gift Soap Making

Start - 2018-10-20 , Finish - 2018-10-20

Cost $32.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $42.00


Pay Online
Pay Online
(Non Members)

Sunday Painters

Start - 2018-06-10 , Finish - 2018-12-09

Sunday Painters meets the second Sunday afternoon of each month, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.  This is not a "class" per se.  It is a free and fun way for folks to try new mediums and subjects.  A3L provides all materials free of charge for your first two sessions.  We have a different project and medium that we work on each month.  Sunday Painters is always free and always open to the public, but we ask that after your first two sessions you join A3L, and if you can  that you bring your own materials.  
We only take 8 people, so call 828-668-1100 sign up early.  You must be registered by the Wednesday beforehand.
October:  Mixed Media with Dawn Dreibus
November: Andrea Brooks : Watercolors
December: Lorelle Bacon: Amazing Pen and Ink!

Art Class with Lorelle Bacon

Start - 2018-05-08 , Finish - 2018-12-11

Cost $35.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $45.00

On-going Art Classes with Lorelle Bacon.  
The first two Tuesdays of each month 9:30-11:300 AM.  Members price 2 classes for $35, or non members for $45.  Classes do not need to be taken consecutively.

All levels from beginners to advanced. 

Take your art to a new level with the gentle guidance of Lorelle who is known for her patience! Students work at their own pace. She teaches all subjects and most mediums (oils, acrylics, watercolor,pastels, drawing, pen and ink, scratch-board, colored pencils, alcohol inks.)

Beginners learn the basics and how to apply them to the medium of their choice. Learn the importance of values, how composition can make or break your painting and much more. Your choice of medium and subjects!

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Pay Online
(Non Members)

Mug It Up - Glaze Your Own Mug

Start - 2018-04-09 , Finish - 2018-12-23

This workshop is available whenever 3 or more people are interested in glazing their own mugs or other bisque ware items.  
You pick your item(s) and your glaze(s).  You do the glazing.  We do the firing.  We call you when your items are ready for pick up.  These make great family projects and gift items.  Each one is uniquely yours!
Cost:  $15 for one item; $25 for two items.  This includes all glazes and firing, as well as your classroom time.
Instructor:  Helen Sullivan
Open to adults and teens.  Children 7-12 must be accompanied by an adult.
Contact  the Gallery at 668-1100 to schedule.

Clay Classes with Mathilda

Start - 2018-03-01 , Finish - 2018-12-26

Cost $115.00

Cost (NON MEMBERS) $125.00

Instructor:  Mathilda Tanner. 

When:  1-3 PM Wednesdays.
Cost:  $115 for 4 classes for A3L members; $125 for nonmembers.  Classes need not be consecutive.  

Includes all materials, clay, glazes, firing and more.  Hand building and throwing on a wheel.  Mathilda is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor.   Students may use the clay studios in between classes.  Learn techniques and skills while creating bowels, planters, vases and more.  Great to give as gifts or use in your own home.  

This Class is currently full.  Call the Gallery get on the waiting list for this class or to register for the Sunday pottery class with Dori English.

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