Welcome to Arrowhead Art and Artisans League
Welcome to Arrowhead Art and Artisans League

Welcome to A3L- the Arrowhead Artists and Artisans League!

The Arrowhead Artists and Artisans League (A3L) is dedicated to promoting the arts in the Old Fort community; providing education in the arts to the citizens and visitors of Old Fort; ensuring local artist and artisans have opportunities to display their skills and work; and preserving the art of the area for future generations.

Please take a look through our spectacular Members' Showcase, and support the arts of our community!

Please Note:
In the event of inclement weather, our policy is to close the Gallery when the McDowell County Schools close.
Winter Hours : Wednesday to Saturday 10 AM til 5 PM; Sunday 1 PM til 4 PM
Regular Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM til 6 PM; Sunday 1 PM til 4 PM


Arrowhead Gallery and Studios is operated by A3L and is located  at 78C S. Catawba Avenue, in the heart of historic Old Fort, NC.  This beautiful, "warehouse chic" facility is currently operating on regular business hours 10AM to 6PM Tuesday through Saturday and 1PM to 4PM Sunday.

In addition to Gallery and Studio space, AGS has a large classroom for conducting art classes and workshops and two separate clay classrooms for pottery classes and workshops.

A3L also offers access to our pottery studio and our cone 10 pottery kiln for approved independent study at a nominal cost and a glass kiln.


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If you are an artist or artisan in the region, why not join us? Showcase your style, promote your art, and be a part of the community!

Affordable Gallery and Studio Space NOW in Old Fort

Currently Available...

  • Our Studios are currently filled but we do have limited a Wall space, Shelf space and Floor Space.
Contact us for details.

Featured Artist - Dink Michaels

I have always loved nature. Growing up on a farm in West Virginia, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by the animals we had on the farm as well as those that lived in our woods. I loved tromping through the woods, peeking and poking into burrows; exploring all of nature’s treasures. Loving the natural world around me wove its way into my soul.

I am mostly a self-taught artist. However, I participate in workshops/classes from local artists as often as I can. I am eager to learn new techniques and thoroughly enjoy experimenting with different mediums.

I primarily work in watercolors but occasionally work in mixed media and alcohol inks. Backgrounds are loosely painted by pouring; spraying or splattering paint onto either dry or wet paper. The center of interest in my paintings is rendered with just enough detail to be realistic but still maintain a painterly style.

I am inspired by the beauty of nature. The texture of rocks, tree trunks and leaves fascinates me.  The seasonal changes always excite me with the many color changes. The contrast of lights and darks always keeps my creativity flowing.

Through my paintings I am portraying snippets of the wonderful world of nature. I am expressing my appreciation and passion for the creatures and their habitats. Nature always inspires me to capture the moment for sharing.

My artwork is  currently exhibited at Arrowhead Gallery and Studios in Old Fort,NC


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