Artist Showcase

I could tell you about being in the U.S. Navy or working for 31 years helping to design military aircraft for the Navy ... ask me about the F-14 Tomcat.  All of this may be interesting, but not relevant.

I have finished 1st in the N.C. Seniors Art Competition and first in the Swannanoa Annual Art Competition.  I have won awards in Caroliina Nature Photographers Association competitions and F32 Association competitions.

My work has appeared in the Sourwood Gallery, The Arrowhead Gallery, The Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce, The Monte Vista Hotel, The Chabad House and the Green Sage Restaurant

I have written up twice in The Laurels of Asheville magazine and the Black Mountain News

I am a romantic and I am passionate.

I appreciate and love the wonders of our world.

I see beauty everywhere and I strive to capture it.

I love the thrills and excitement of vibrant colors.

I love the variety of the subtle emotions of black and white art.

I invite you to look at my art and share the sweetness that I feel in them.

Try to see what I see.

Try to feel the wondrous emotions that I am enjoying.

By the way, I claim exclusive ownership of my mind, my body and my soul ... this art is mine ... my creations ... my heart :)

And most of all if you will smile, the whole world will smile with you :)