Artist Showcase

I am a member of the human race who truly loves my fellow man.  I have had a distinguished career in health care. However, letís discover my artistic heart and soul. 

I have and am currently studying to hone my skills with Bob Travers, one of the foremost artists in the world.

I have and am currently exhibiting my work at the Red House Art Gallery, The Monte Vista Hotel and the Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce.  I have successfully competed in numerous art competitions in this area. I have been fortunate to have been able to travel to so many different corners of our world. I have been amazed and in awe of the spectacles that I have experienced. I see beauty everywhere and I strive to capture it.

In my art I try to share with you the fantastic feelings to which I have been exposed. I discover excitement in the vibrancy of colors.

I invite you to look at my art and share the sweetness that I feel in them.

Try to see what I see.

Try to feel the wondrous emotions that I am enjoying.

By the way, I claim exclusive ownership of my mind, my body and my soul ... this art is mine ... my creations ... my heart :) 

And most of all if you will smile, the whole world will smile with you :)