Artist Showcase

Living in New York’s melting pot in the early years of my life, I was readily exposed to many cultures. I have therefore opened my eyes to the influence of Native American, African American, Greek, Japanese and Chinese art. So, it's  no surprise to me that the forms, contours, and surface qualities I have made include the spirit of these influences. Add to this my love of horses that goes back to my childhood. Those are the mix of elements that make up the horse-hair pottery I create. By using a mix of techniques I take from all the influences I mentioned above and the ancient Chinese methods of making pots. Then, I ad some of my own ideas and now you have my horse hair pots. 

I'll further explain how horse hair pots are made. I take a burning hot pot from the raku kiln then I  drop strands of horse hair onto its surface and watch them dance with each other, at the same time burning its own personality permanently onto the surface. That is pure magic to me and to those who have stood nearby watching the process.

Thank you for your interest,

Linda Falcone