Artist Showcase

Hand-forged Ironwork and Pottery.

I'm a blacksmith and potter, but prefer to say that I work with all five elements, referred to as godai (??) in Japanese.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void are considered to be the basic building blocks of everything in nature. Earth (dou) is the clay used in pottery.  It's also used to temper the blades of Japanese swords. Water (sui) is mixed with earth to create the clay medium used in pottery.  It's also used to quench and temper steel.  Fire (ka) is used to vitrify and harden ceramics, and also to heat steel in order to render it soft and malleable, or to control its temper. Wind (kaze) in the form of air and smoke, affects the appearance of "fired" pottery as well as wrought iron.  It also controls the intensity the blacksmith's forge. The void (ku) is the most powerful of the elements and represents spirit, thought, and creative energy.