Artist Showcase

Stephanie Wilds has been doing needlework in some form or another since childhood, but has focused entirely on ‘art quilting’ for the past decade. She credits her artist mother, Nancy Wilds, for her obsession with detail, drawing and painting skills, and willingness to innovate. Some pieces feature traditional handwork (hand quilting, needle-turn appliqué, embroidery), while others explore more technological methods of digital imagery enhanced with ink and machine embroidery. Her quilts have been exhibited locally and nationally, and have earned numerous awards and recognition.

In the class she teaches annually at John C. Campbell Folk School, Stephanie shares another fabric technique that conveys astonishing photo-realism. Even so, these images are neither printed nor laser-cut, but carefully cut from fabric by hand. 

“I believe creativity can be sparked by imposed constraints, and the limited palette of fabric and thread forces me to innovate.”

Commissions welcomed; contact Stephanie through